Hate Has No Business Here

We took a tag line and turned it into a solidarity campaign to promote tolerance and celebrate diversity in the small business community of New York City. Now we're working on Phase 2: a training program to increase sensitivity and reverse unconscious bias in the retail and hospitality industries.

To learn more, visit hatehasnobusinesshere.org. To get involved, contact us.

Deliverables: Curriculum, subject matter experts

Resources needed
: $10K

Possible partners
: Small Business Services

Venture + Gain

Communities can improve their accessibility to veterans by adopting a common intake form. Intake forms vary based on the intended service, but often organizations are asking the same questions, phrased differently. A secure application for common intake would streamline the process for veterans (easing transition); produce an actionable list of providers based on the veterans needs (increasing access); and help both government agencies and service providers better understand and meet the needs of their local veteran population (improving outcomes).

Deliverables: Mobile App

Resources needed
: $60K or in-kind coding services


Approximately 20 million persons, or 8.6 percent of the total U.S. population 3 years and older, have reported hearing problems. That's a lot of people! This site provides a primer on Deaf culture, etiquette when interacting with Deaf persons, and strategies for increasing accessibility. It's aimed at families and educators who want to be allies but don't know how.

Deliverables: Microsite with resource library and video tutorials; written and video profiles

Funding needed:

Possible partners:
Deaf advocacy groups

Art Guards

No one spends more time with art than the people who stand watch over exhibits day in and day out. Through interviews and video, we'll document their personal stories and explore how their perceptions of the work change as their exposure deepens and as they observe others experiencing the art.

Deliverables: Mircrosite, documentary style videos, profiles, essays

Funding needed:

Possible partners: