Brickhaus is a creative services studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in MS Word and PowerPoint, services include: template development, production assistance, troubleshooting and training.

Pam Payne founded Brickhaus in 1995 when website development was the studio’s focus. Her experience spans decades of freelance, contract and fulltime positions in academic and corporate communities, including supervisor of creative services departments for major investment banks as well as corporate IT trainer and software developer. As Sole Proprietor of Brickhaus, her digital production skills are extensive, as are her contacts within the field. If your company’s creative needs extend beyond Word and PowerPoint please feel free to ask if Brickhaus can provide assistance.

As a small production studio, Brickhaus is able to offer personalized, focused attention which translates to rapid turnaround times, fewer revision rounds and cost savings for clients. Brickhaus is also particularly flexible; scale-able to meet project demands of all sizes: large and small projects are welcome. Operating successfully through word-of-mouth advertising since 1995, Brickhaus can provide references and portfolio samples upon request.