Chrystal Kusi is a social media strategist intern with multiple interests and a passion for growth and learning. She is currently a student at Columbia University pursuing a B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in African American and African Diaspora Studies. Chrystal also has a brief history studying computer science and enjoys connecting technical solutions with accessible, people-facing outputs. She loves to think and talk about the intersections of technology and culture, UX research and design, and art as a medium for social change.

Her team spirit and strong organizational skills have helped her succeed in a variety of positions. Before joining Three Furies, Chrystal worked in education and healthcare startup environments assisting with curriculum and content development, research, product management, and strengthening consumer relationships. She is excited to continue curating holistic solutions to business development and social media problems with Three Furies.

When she’s not doing coursework or exploring UX strategies, Chrystal enjoys baking, jewelry making, discovering new music, and going to concerts with friends.