Jenna Horner relocated to New York City after seven years in Montreal pursuing her bachelors and masters degree in art history and communications. In Montreal, she worked closely with Makivik corporation (ᒪᑭᕝᕕᒃ ᑯᐊᐳᕇᓴᑦ, French: Société Makivik) developing the recorded history of indigenous communities in northern Canada.

As a community organizer and state lobbyist for Canadian based non-profits such as À Deux Mains, she continued her work with Planned Parenthood NYC and Save the Children International in New York after her relocation. Her dedication to underserved communities is also documented through editorial contributions to the Whitechapel series on sexuality.

As a UX designer, Jenna also archived visual artworks and communications in NYC and Montreal catalogues. Her commitment to contemporary arts, communications, and diversity initiatives remains active in current publications and work with community initiatives in her home in Brooklyn.