Serene Alsaed is a graphic designer intern who believes that there are always more skills to learn and hone. She is a recent Wayne State University graduate with a bachelor's in fine arts and a concentration in design. During her studies she discovered her inclination towards illustration as she incorporated it in many of her projects. Serene has also always had an interest in consumer and media relations, how visuals and typography guide the audience towards a certain subject. The tools used to achieve this are plenty and emerging more daily. Being a designer is no easy task and it takes a lot of constant learning and improvement which is what Serene is hoping to always keep achieving.

Serene is the type of person that always likes to keep busy, outside of work and studies Serene hobbies range from going to the gym, gardening during spring and summer, and discovering unfamiliar places around town to learning how to play electric guitar and video gaming. As a person with various interests and the willingness to always learn and improve Serene's interest in design is no question at all.