Trinity Sazo is a social media & marketing support intern with a strong background in a variety of interdisciplinary skills and a goal to always be a continuous learner. She is a student at Columbia University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In her classes, she studies developing new technology with a focus in accessibility and building mobile/web applications, as well as new potential ventures in many of her business-focused classes. Trinity places a lot of focus on how technology intertwines with all aspects of life and niches from health and fitness to productivity software in order to better the lives of others.

Experienced with startups, she is adaptable and reliable, finding work where it needs to be done and taking proactive steps to find ways to make a product and project better. Prior to Three Furies, Trinity contributed to a handful of projects in big tech environments and assisted with product development from persona creation to implementation. She is excited to continue curating holistic solutions to business development and social media needs with Three Furies.

When school is out of session, Trinity plays around with her own social media accounts: dabbling in video editing, content creation, and her general love for fitness. You can catch her at the gym, becoming obsessed with learning something new, or binging all kinds of cooking competition shows.