Aimee has been working in the world of content design and UX writing for over 12 years, helping start-ups and established companies find their voice and create new, world-class features for their customers. She’s passionate about creating user-friendly experiences, and loves nothing more than making things seamless, consistent, and easy to understand.

Aimee graduated with a degree in journalism from Sheffield Hallam University, and worked for several local newspapers before landing a job in UX writing. It was an instant fit, and since then she’s designed user journeys from conception to delivery and launched products in multiple languages for companies like, Deliveroo and Avant Arte. She works closely with designers, developers, and product managers to create the best experience and deliver the right results.

After living in a few different countries, including Australia, Thailand, and The Netherlands, Aimee is now based in London. She spends her spare time reading, working on her French, and visiting surf destinations across Europe.