Creative Services departments are usually staffed with a mix of professionals, of varying experience levels, who specialize in different areas (titles are provided to distinguish the roles clearly; actual titles may vary, depending on the overall structure and combination):

Brand manager

An executive-level manager who protects the integrity of the brand by educating partners and enforcing guidelines across the board; interfaces with firm management, partners and other department heads to identify and co-lead priority initiatives; manages the Creative Services team. Salary range: 110K-175K

Senior designers

Design professionals with 7-10 years experience, who develop, execute and present creative concepts for complex and/or high-visibility projects with little or no supervision. Salary range: 75K -100K

Mid-level designers

Design professionals with 4-6 years experience who can interpret guidelines independently to create moderately complex designs and handle multiple projects simultaneously. Salary range: 50K- 80K

Junior designers

Design professionals with 2-3 years experience who produce small projects with supervision; assist in the execution of larger projects; and handle production tasks. Salary range: 45K-65K

Graphic/production artists

Professionals with the skills gained either through training or experience to follow brand guidelines, implement templates, create custom illustrations, motion graphics based on clear direction. (It is common for graphics professionals to come from artistic backgrounds without design training.) Salary range: 50K-100K

Project coordinators/managers

Professionals with 2-6 years creative services experience who manage budgets, schedules; traffic feedback and workflow; interface with clients to provide status updates; solicit bids from vendors. Salary range: 45K-75K

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