3 Jul 2024

Social Impact Work

The importance of social impact work.

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27 Jun 2024

2024 Law Firm Social Impact Communications Report

Our inaugural 2024 Law Firm Social Impact Communications Report is available now!

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28 Mar 2024

The Business of Creativity

Building a business pipeline.

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27 Mar 2024

Utilizing Inclusion Networks

Inclusion networks have certainly grown up from the early days when they were conceived of as essentially support groups but are they being underutilized? Let's discuss.

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21 Mar 2024

The Importance of DEI Reporting for Law Firms

Reporting is an important part of communicating your DEI efforts. We recommend asking these 4 questions to improve your reporting practices.

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27 Feb 2024

Law Firm Staff: DEI's Forgotten Population

When it comes to DEI at law firms, there is a “final frontier” that most firms ignore: Staff.

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8 Feb 2024

Why DEI Matters Everywhere

"Our international colleagues think DEI is an American thing," a client at a major law firm said to me when we were talking about the Three Furies DEI comms report.

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30 Nov 2023

Color Palettes

The creation of a brand color palette.

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9 Nov 2023

Project Management

Had some interesting conversations about project management today.

The upshot was that project management is just as important as the creative and technical deliverable. Without great project management, projects fail -- no matter how great the idea or execution might be.

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18 Oct 2023

How Has the Communications Field Changed?

Observations of the ever evolving communications field.

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