4 Jan 2019

2019 Intentions

As is our tradition, in lieu of food baskets and branded trinkets, we made gifts to worthy organizations in honor of you, our clients and allies.

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21 Jun 2018

A Woman-Led Business: NYC Certified

You may have seen that we received our Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certificate from New York State earlier this year.

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1 Feb 2018

Celebrating Female-led Businesses

We’re proud to announce that we’ve received our Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certificate!

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7 Jan 2018

Open minds, fierce hearts

To mark the new year, we made gifts to nine worthy organizations in gratitude to you, our clients and allies, for the opportunities to contribute meaningful work.

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6 Jul 2017

Hate Has No Business Here

Our city-wide Independence Day campaign kicked off before the 4th of July.

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3 Jan 2017

The Gift of Hope and Action

In honor of our community of clients and friends, and in celebration of our fifth anniversary, Three Furies has donated to organizations whose work brings meaningful, positive change to the world.

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29 Jan 2016

Excellence Among Education Websites

We love when other people notice our work!

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4 Jan 2016

Reflection. Gratitude. Altruism.

In honor of all the good work we've done together, Three Furies has made donations to those who serve others.

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15 Feb 2015

Certifiably Good

After we proved ourselves by supporting HRCI’s new brand launch, they gave us the kind of project we live for: a complete redesign of their magazine, Certified.

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19 Jul 2014

H/T to the NYT

It's not every day that the New York Times notices your work.

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