8 Feb 2024

Why DEI Matters Everywhere

"Our international colleagues think DEI is an American thing," a client at a major law firm said to me when we were talking about the Three Furies DEI comms report.

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25 Jan 2024

Every Word Counts: DEI and Language

Language is constantly evolving, and using the most inclusive and accurate terminology to describe people, groups of people, pronouns, conditions, and other identity- or ability-related topics is critical to reflecting your firm’s commitment to DEI—not just in DEI-specific materials but throughout your firm’s comms.

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19 Jan 2024

Why don’t law firms think more about accessibility?

We noticed right away when we started auditing the top 20 US law firms that none of them used the acronym DEIA and that accessibility wasn’t addressed in any of the reports, statistics or content on their website.

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18 Jan 2024

ESG Reports and Corporate Responsibility

I've been reading about the ESG backlash and based on my experience in the corporate boardrooms that I've sat in as a comms consultant, I'm not surprised that leaders want to move back to the more vague "corporate responsibility" framework.

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13 Dec 2023

Law Firm Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Communications Report

We just published our inaugural 2023 Law Firm Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Communications report!

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30 Nov 2023

Color Palettes

The creation of a brand color palette.

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9 Nov 2023

Project Management

Had some interesting conversations about project management today.

The upshot was that project management is just as important as the creative and technical deliverable. Without great project management, projects fail -- no matter how great the idea or execution might be.

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24 Oct 2023

Naming A Company

Naming a company or a product is different from naming your child or pet.

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18 Oct 2023

How Has the Communications Field Changed?

Observations of the ever evolving communications field.

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13 Oct 2023

Benefits of a Digital Health Audit

In today's market, successful law firms must leverage digital marketing to drive lead generation, build brand awareness, and increase ROI. But when was the last time you audited your digital communications tools? Never? Can't recall? Let us help. We will analyze your data by practices/sectors — including email, social, website, and SEO — and provide a report with tactical recommendations to help you boost performance and optimize your investment.

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