Cover illustration by Ebony Bolt, with art direction and design by Neo Khama.

Our custom infographic became an organizing visual device that marked each major prong of the strategy.

The Climate Board delivers research and recommendations to its members, a cadre of corporate executievs who are seeking solutions, supported by experience and evidence, to drive speed and progress within their companies and industries. We audited competitors and saw a chance to differentiate with a visual approach that would be impossible to copy.

We commissioned Ebony Bolt, an up and coming illustrator to create a custom pattern for the report, and her work exceeded our expectations on every level. We art-directed the report, created core infographics and produced all charts and graphs. Our content plan included editorial recommendations, and we printed a small quantity for the company's debut at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Bolt's illustration appears at first to be a study of a fashionable crowd.

But stripping back a layer reveals intricate shapes of flora.

We used these layers as section dividers, creating a visual thread throughout the report.

Each colorway revealed detail that might previously have been invisible -- the perfect metaphor for the report's aim.

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