Had some interesting conversations about project management today.

The upshot was that project management is just as important as the creative and technical deliverable. Without great project management, projects fail -- no matter how great the idea or execution might be.

What makes great project management? Here are my top 5:

1. Communication: Timely, consistent, accurate.

2. Knowledge: Grasp the client problem, understand the team's solution. Reconcile these at every deadline. You're not just trafficking files, you're making sure requirements are met, that priorities line up.

3. Documentation: Keep receipts. All of them. Keep notes and records (signatures) tracking what happened when and who decided what and why was something approved by whom.

4. Budgeting: It takes discipline to not only structure a sensible budget but keep tabs on it at regular intervals and when key milestones are hit. Spreadsheets have to be a core competency.

5. Organization: Track priorities, tasks, team through however many channels you need to stay on top of all the things. Project management software rules! Systems are the best!

I have found most success hiring project managers who enjoy making to-do lists, using a label-maker, and filing things in their personal life.

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