The focus on digital marketing to drive lead generation is essential for B2B companies.

By embracing and leveraging the multitude of channels – websites, social media, email and SEO – law firm digital marketing teams integrate more closely with business development to hone in on those companies most likely to buy their firm’s legal services across a variety of practices, industries, and regions.

  • But, how do you know if your digital efforts are paying off?
  • Have you developed your buyer personas?
  • Can you tell if your social media posts are engaging the right buyers?
  • Are your e-marketing campaigns as influential as you think they are?

If you are asking yourself these questions – and you should be – then it is time for a health assessment of your firm’s digital marketing tools. When all components are in synch, your firm’s content drives conversation and conversion.

After leading audits for regional, national and international law firms for more than a decade, Three Furies Founder and Lead Strategist Amanda Neville was invited to speak at a Legal Marketing Association meeting on the value of integrating digital marketing strategy with business development efforts, optimizing audience engagement, and understanding the data behind both.

As we rely more and more on LinkedIn, e-campaigns, SEO, and website efforts to promote and grow our businesses, it is crucial to do a digital audit to ensure things are not only working, but also optimized.

A digital audit evaluates each platform for its content and technical performance and troubleshoots areas that are underperforming. A website audit report will look at your SEO, conversion rates, and overall user experience to establish some key metrics, and it will also compare your site to your competitors’ sites. The intelligence gleaned helps prioritize which marketing channels to spend more or less time and money on based on the number of people those channels drive to your website.

The digital audit reviews several metrics to evaluate your social media strategy, including impressions, engagement (e.g., comments, likes, shares, etc.), user location, demographics, and campaign performance. By understanding which posts receive the most engagement and who is engaging most, you can revise your social media strategy to make it even more effective for your firm.

Are you ready to assess your firm’s digital marketing health? Let’s schedule a call today.

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