"Our international colleagues think DeI is an American thing," a client at a major law firm said to me when we were talking about the Three Furies DEI comms report.

If true, it would mean that:

1. Women are getting equal pay in every country.

2. Indigenous peoples have had their legal rights and land restored on every continent, are no longer suffering human rights violations, and enjoy respect and equal opportunities in every market.

3. The concept of class or caste has been discarded and all people everywhere have equal access to food, shelter, education, and professional training—without the scourge of discrimination.

4. Firms in the rest of the world have solved accessibility issues for their disabled and chronically ill employees (and their families), clients, and visitors.

5. LGBTQIA+ people in every region can live as their most authentic selves without fear of discrimination, abuse, violence, or death.

6. Parents and caregivers everywhere receive adequate financial support, work accommodations, paid leave, and community resources (such as affordable childcare) to perform at work and fulfill their responsibilities to those in their care.

7. Veterans who re-enter the workforce after their service receive adequate health care, equitable compensation, and professional support as they navigate the transition and manage the short- and long-term changes in their lives.

8. Race-based discrimination has disappeared from every corner of the world.

9. Members of ethnic groups live without fear, regardless of where they live, work, or travel.

10. Religious beliefs have no bearing on access to education, participation in community, or access to professional opportunities.

DEI is relevant wherever humans exist and there is so much work to do that we need every single person and organization working on creating a world that is more just, kind, and welcoming. This work knows no borders.

The report focuses on DEI comms at top US law firms. But the learnings are applicable to international firms, and organizations in every sector would do well to read it as well.

Check out our DEI comms report here

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