30 Nov 2023

Color Palettes

The creation of a brand color palette.

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9 Nov 2023

Project Management

Had some interesting conversations about project management today.

The upshot was that project management is just as important as the creative and technical deliverable. Without great project management, projects fail -- no matter how great the idea or execution might be.

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24 Oct 2023

Naming A Company

Naming a company or a product is different from naming your child or pet.

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18 Oct 2023

How Has the Communications Field Changed?

Observations of the ever evolving communications field.

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13 Oct 2023

Benefits of a Digital Health Audit

In today's market, successful law firms must leverage digital marketing to drive lead generation, build brand awareness, and increase ROI. But when was the last time you audited your digital communications tools? Never? Can't recall? Let us help. We will analyze your data by practices/sectors — including email, social, website, and SEO — and provide a report with tactical recommendations to help you boost performance and optimize your investment.

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10 Oct 2023

Outsourcing Creative Services

If you lead a small or medium sized organization (think: well-funded start-ups, law firms with fewer than 500 lawyers, nonprofits that are working with $5 million in annual program budgets), you should probably be outsourcing your marketing and communications to a small agency, with an internal director or manager to set priorities and strategy.

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6 Oct 2023

Is the 5 Year Strategic Plan Dead?

Well, not exactly. But it's not the right tool for this moment in time.

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29 Sep 2023

Things I Want #AI To Do Instead Of Taking Creative Jobs

An #AI Wishlist

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22 Sep 2023

Creating a Memorable Experience

Sharing my take on experience design, based on ten years of owning a brick and mortar in Brooklyn. (Tipsy | Wine + Spirits Shop for those of you who didn’t know that I have two companies. Give us a follow!)

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4 Aug 2023

Experimenting with AI? Start small with these 3 tools that might already be lurking in your tech stack.

When it comes to experimenting with AI, for many small businesses, nonprofits, and orgs with smaller budgets, the best first move is to use what you already have.

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