9 May 2023

AI for marketing inspo: 3 ChatGPT prompts to help you get creative

AI is here to stay, so we writers and content marketers might as well make friends with it.

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26 Apr 2023

Experimenting with generative AI? Here are three risks every marketer needs to consider.

“How are we leveraging AI in our marketing efforts?”

If your boss hasn’t already asked this question, they will soon. Whatever your answer may be, you’ll want to be sure to consider the risks inherent in integrating generative artificial intelligence tools with your workflows.

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31 Mar 2023

Does Your Company's Digital Marketing Reflect Its Commitment to Equity?

The way the legal industry talks about diversity, equity, and inclusion is about to change. Are you ready?

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8 Mar 2023

Your Firm Needs a Digital Marketing Health Assessment

The focus on digital marketing to drive lead generation is essential for B2B companies.

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16 Nov 2022

The Climate Board Inaugural Report

The Climate Board chose us to design their first-ever fashion industry research report.

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20 Jun 2022

Jeld-Wen ESG Report and Microsite

JELD-WEN had worked with a premier global consulting group to develop an ESG strategy, and we were brought on to tell the story of the company's corporate responsibility history. We studied the strategic materials and background research, conducted interviews with plant manager around the globe, and audited the company's photo library to document achievements and milestones that came before and outline the roadmap that lay ahead. Working closely with the legal and compliance team, we wrote every word, translating dense jargon and data into easy to read prose. The final report was printed responsibly in small quantities for institutional investors, using sustainably-forested paper and eco-friendly ink, by a woman-led printing company. A microsite provided a digital record for the broader audience.

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19 Oct 2021

Myrtle Avenue Public Service Campaigns

Safety and tolerance are community values and these public service campaigns in Brooklyn reinforce them.

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11 Jan 2021

Up For the Challenge

It is hard, at times, not to lose heart. We thank you—our clients and allies, our colleagues and our teammates—for holding space as we responded to previously unimaginable circumstances.

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19 Jun 2020

Happy Juneteenth!

The Three Furies team whole-heartedly supports the Black Lives Matter movement. The violence against Black citizens isn’t new, and it’s not going to change until many more of us take action.

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1 Jan 2020

Growing Together

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability and community service, we made end-of-year gifts to worthy organizations in honor of you—our clients and allies.

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